Digital branding for the launch of a new product line

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Barebells is a functional food brand and market leader in its home market of Sweden. In the DACH region, the brand is currently still in the role of challenger. To strengthen its market position and tap into the vegan target group, Barebells launched its vegan protein bars in the German-speaking market in late summer 2022. This launch was to be further strengthened through digital branding measures


The aim of the project was to support the product launch with the help of digital branding measures on Meta and TikTok.

Barebells also wanted to gain measurable insights into the awareness of its own brand in the DACH region in order to evaluate further digital marketing activities in this market.


As Barebells had not yet undertaken any digital marketing activities in the German-speaking region, we started by identifying the relevant audience for Barebells in the retail sector.

After determining the audience, we calculated different scenarios in which we were able to determine the most efficient media budget for achieving the set goals based on the variables "target group reach" and "advertising frequency".

We then used insights from existing customer data to design concepts for platform-specific advertisements. Taking performance into account, these were continuously optimized during the brand flight, which lasted several weeks, and new, promising concepts were developed.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital branding measures, all meta-campaigns were carried out as part of a brand lift study. This allowed us to determine metrics on brand awareness as well as Barebell's perceived market positioning in comparison to the competition.


Analysis of activities + brand lift studies + preparation of insights and derivation of next steps for branding activities (both online and offline) The analysis of the activities and the insights generated by the brand lift studies were the basis for deriving recommendations for action for the overarching and digital brand strategy.

These helped Barebells to better understand their target group and to adapt their online and offline communication to their preferences.

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