Motion Design

We create compelling video ads that stick in people's minds. We combine insights from advertising psychology with classic A/B tests to ensure that your video ads achieve optimal results.

Optimal presentation of content

Content animated by motion design is an indispensable tool in performance marketing. We transform creative ideas into unique ads. We develop creative concepts and video ads that are ideally adapted to the requirements of channels, environments and target groups and thus enable optimal performance.

Strong performance through target group-relevant storytelling

Image animations are ideal for presenting products and explaining complex services. By communicating offers through attention-grabbing storytelling, we create emotional connections between the product, service and target group. We arouse interest, stimulate buying intentions and increase customer lifetime value.

Continuous optimization of ad creatives

How does the slogan appear in the video, how does the CTA move? We continuously analyze the performance of the ads: We run A/B tests, perform iterations and optimize the animations accordingly. In this way, we ensure that our moving image ads achieve the optimum performance results over the course of each campaign.

Wir analysieren kontinuierlich die Performance der Anzeigen: Wir machen A/B-Tests, führen Iterationen durch und optimieren die Animationen entsprechend. So stellen wir sicher, dass unsere Bewegtbild-Ads im Laufe einer jeden Kampagne die optimalen Performance-Ergebnisse erzielen.

Our Clients

Each of our client relationships is a partnership. Always with the aim of jointly turning our clients' visions into reality. 

Motion Design FAQs

Animated advertising has been proven to achieve the best results, especially on social media. Animated advertisements attract significantly more attention than static images and are also much better suited to conveying emotions. In addition, they can be used to present complex ideas and products in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.

Our Projects

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