Affiliate Marketing

We combine affiliate networks with our partner network and establish partnerships for you that suit your brand and enable you to acquire customers at optimal conditions.

Customized affiliate strategies for your success

Our growth experts know that no two companies are the same. That's why we develop individual affiliate marketing strategies that are perfectly tailored to your needs. We analyze your target audience, identify the most lucrative affiliate programs and create a tailored roadmap to ensure your affiliate campaigns deliver maximum success.

Efficient management of your affiliate partnerships

Working with the right partners is crucial to your success. We take care of all aspects of the partnership, from negotiations to performance evaluation, so you can focus on your core business.

Transparent analysis for sustainable success

Success in affiliate marketing requires clear insights and data-driven decisions. entity x® offers you transparent analyses that show you what works and how you can optimize your strategy.

Our Clients

Each of our client relationships is a partnership. Always with the aim of jointly turning our clients' visions into reality. 

Affiliate Marketing

Do you want your affiliate website to be really successful? Then it's crucial to get things right. From creating banners to reporting, it's all part of the process. If you are not familiar with affiliate management, experience has shown that you will quickly reach your limits. To be really successful, an experienced affiliate marketing agency is of great importance.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks play a crucial role in the field of affiliate marketing and offer an excellent opportunity to increase sales. Many people run their own blogs and want to monetize them, for which affiliate networks are an excellent option. By showcasing products, bloggers and marketers can earn an attractive commission through affiliate networks.

Affiliate Programs

On this page you will learn how affiliate or partner programs work, what types of programs and commission models exist and how you can choose a suitable remuneration model. entity x®, as experienced experts in the field of affiliate marketing, will support you in offering advertising space on your website, finding suitable merchants and entering into individual partner programs.

Start Affiliate Marketing

People who want to get into affiliate marketing often have the wrong idea about this business. Many people think it's easy and quick money. However, this is by no means the case. If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, there are numerous steps to take before the first cents of income are made.

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