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The digital sales channel via the in-house Gerry Weber online store was an important source of revenue for the fashion label during the coronavirus pandemic. As the e-commerce business became increasingly sluggish towards the end of the pandemic, the overall construct of e-commerce strategy, digital marketing activities, tech stack and team was critically scrutinized.


Gerry Weber commissioned entity x® with a holistic audit. The aim was to shed light on all facets of the digital business on the marketing side and identify potential for possible cost savings and sales increases.


In implementing the project, we pursued a holistic approach that combined qualitative and quantitative methodology. On the qualitative side, we conducted interviews with the Gerry Weber digital marketing team to gain insights into responsibilities, processes, expertise and tech stack. On the quantitative side, we analyzed both the day-to-day business at the operational marketing channel level and the overall development of the e-commerce business, taking into account the associated cost centers. Quantitative industry benchmarks and insights from our expertise within the fashion industry were also used to classify the data. The insights gained from our analyses were transferred into a structured presentation together with dedicated recommendations for action and presented to the management.


Our recommendations for action helped Gerry Weber to identify and operationalize previously untapped potential in the e-commerce business. The derived recommendations stabilized sales and significantly increased the efficiency of digital marketing activities.

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