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JACKS Beauty Line is a premium beauty brand whose central brand promise is sustainability and transparency. Challenge of this project was to build the e-commerce business from the ground up. At the same time, growth was to be generated via the existing social media community.


JACKS Beauty Line commissioned entity x® with the development of the performance marketing channels and the objective of increasing sales by acquiring new customers.


In the first step, we developed a full-funnel strategy and decided on a marketing mix in which we tested the performance within the various channels. Once we had collected enough data to make valid hypotheses, we adjusted the channel mix accordingly and focused on building the best performing channels (Meta and Google) from the ground up. By rigorously testing different go-to-market approaches, we managed to achieve initial order profitability on Meta after a short period of time. Once this milestone was reached, we expanded the channel mix and tested the Criteo, Pinterest and TikTok channels. On the one hand to increase the online presence and on the other hand to hedge the risk in the upper funnel through diversification.


Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have successfully expanded JACKS Beauty Line's performance marketing channels and established Pinterest, Criteo, TikTok and Microsoft Ads as profitable performance channels in addition to Meta and Google. Thanks to their now strong online presence, JACKS Beauty Line has achieved a sales uplift of over 400% since the start of our partnership, with a constant cost/net sales ratio.

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Maximilian Kolb

Managing Director