Effective marketing transformation in digital kitchen planning

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KitchX digitizes kitchen planning from customer consultation to the final planning concept before installation. In the run-up to our collaboration, KitchX primarily limited itself to acquiring new customers via Meta. This strong dependence on the platform represented a high risk for KitchX, which was confirmed by significantly increasing lead costs as part of the business model scaling.


KitchX was looking for a strategic partner who could ensure a continuous lead pipeline of good quality at a reasonable cost per lead.


As a first step, we optimized the conversion rate in KitchX's new customer funnel by reducing the abandonment rate through target group-specific messaging. To get lead generation back on track, we restructured Meta's account setup and introduced an ad iteration process that allowed us to produce new iterations on a weekly basis. After securing the lead pipeline through Meta with quality ads, we began to diversify the channel mix to reduce reliance on Meta. As part of this, we initially launched Native and Google Ads. Once we reached the profitability threshold here, we began to scale the ads. At the heart of this, we introduced a business intelligence reporting system in which we combined the data from the marketing interfaces with the backend data from the sales staff. This enabled us to make deductions along the entire customer journey for future tests and to sustainably increase lead quality.


Apart from restoring the lead pipeline, we were able to increase leads by +94% within the first two months, while at the same time reducing the cost per lead by -46%. With the introduction of two new marketing channels, Outbrain and Google Ads, we secured KitchX against dependency on Meta. Finally, the dashboard, which we gradually expanded over the course of the collaboration, formed the foundation for testing data-driven hypotheses with the aim of increasing lead quality in the long term.

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Maximilian Kolb

Managing Director