Strategy to increase marketing efficiency and competitiveness

Reach on Target Audiences
Increased budget efficiency
Brand Lift Surveys conducted


The year 2022 posed a major challenge for Megabad, particularly due to a decline in sales in the second quarter, which had to be compensated for in the following quarters. A significant budget increase could not achieve the desired increase in sales, which indicated inefficiencies in budget allocation. In addition, Megabad's marketing team was lean in order to achieve the desired marketing effectiveness.


Initially, our task was to implement ad hoc measures to achieve the Q4 2022 targets during the transition phase until the client had found and hired a Head of E-Com. In Q1 2023, we were then entrusted with the implementation of a marketing audit and the implementation of the identified optimization potentials to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing measures.


At the beginning of our collaboration, we took over the coordination of Megabad's paid marketing at the end of Q4 as part of an interim solution. We quickly scaled the push marketing channels to make Megabad more visible outside of the classic traffic sources of bath stores, such as price search engines and Google Ads. We supported the management of Megabad in recruiting a Head of E-COM. In Q1 2023, we conducted an overarching strategic audit to take a closer look at the marketing and underlying organizational setup and identify optimization potential.


As part of our collaboration, we supported Megabad's management and marketing team with dedicated experts in daily business and various projects. The project work ranged from marketplace strategies and an SEA project to strategic consulting for the introduction of a data warehouse. Apart from the project business, we have been supporting Megabad as a strategic partner in the paid mix orientation since the beginning of the cooperation and also take on the operational management of individual channels such as paid social, display and SEA.

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