Lead generation strategy for the Mercedes-Benz B2B Connect spare parts platform

Marketing Strategy developed
Analytics Report created
SEO Audit conducted


As part of the launch of the B2B Connect platform, Mercedes-Benz aimed to attract independent workshops as partners. To ensure this, Mercedes-Benz commissioned entity x® to develop a marketing strategy to generate leads for the platform. The challenge was to activate a hesitant target group and provide creative incentives to switch to the digital platform.


The specific objective of the project was to generate new platform registrations and subsequently increase platform activity and transactions. We were also tasked with developing a marketing playbook for global application.


To ensure this, the first step was to analyze the platform data in order to develop a deep understanding of the target group based on the current users. Based on this, we developed a cross-channel lead generation strategy. In the first step, we focused on matching customer expectations with the platform USPs as a basis for developing hypotheses for addressing the target group. These were then tested on the Italian market as part of a pilot project. The pilot project included the setup of the marketing channels, the development of advertising concepts and the analysis of campaign performance.


We provided Mercedes-Benz with a playbook for acquiring new customers for the B2B Connect platform. It included channel mix and data activation strategy and communication recommendations. Based on this playbook, Mercedes-Benz launched the pilot project with great success in the Italian market. This project served as a basis for confirming the core hypotheses and preparing for the global launch.

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