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PowerUs is a successful scale-up that helps electronics and plant mechanics find their dream job. As PowerUs grew, its performance marketing channels became increasingly inefficient. Even beyond the campaign set-up, processes were lacking to make performance marketing fit for the next funding round.


PowerUs was looking for a strategic partner to support the in-house team in an interim role with the restructuring of its marketing activities. Starting with scalable account structures and creative iteration processes through to comprehensive reporting.


First, we conducted an audit and restructured the existing performance marketing channels. This strategic realignment made it possible to efficiently manage monthly marketing budgets in the mid-six-figure range in a predictable manner. To further increase marketing efficiency, we introduced a creative iteration process in collaboration with the in-house marketing team. This enabled us to test several ads each week in a structured manner and thus achieve a rapid uplift in the push marketing channels. Another decisive step was the introduction of a new, structured testing database in which cross-channel tests were prepared, prioritized and documented. This database, which we also prepared as a knowledge database, played a key role in the sustainable management of PowerUs' aggressive growth. In the next step, we developed an overarching reporting system to present the performance to various stakeholders such as management, the operational performance marketing team, etc. in an addressee-oriented manner. This enabled a more precise analysis and an explicit understanding of the performance trend and forecasting for all stakeholders - which made a decisive contribution to the realization of the ambitious growth targets.


  1. Audit and restructuring: Through a thorough audit, we identified and restructured the existing marketing channels and achieved a significant increase in marketing efficiency.

  2. Introduction of the creative iteration process: We implemented a creative iteration process that generated a significant uplift in the push marketing channels.

  3. Development of a structured testing database: With the introduction of a structured testing database, which also served as a knowledge base for PowerUs, we implemented a key tool for the client's aggressive growth management.

  4. Comprehensive reporting for various stakeholders: By setting up the dedicated reporting system, we ensured that all stakeholders had the information relevant to them at all times and thus made a significant contribution to achieving the ambitious growth targets.

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